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How to group or bundle medical devices and submit in one application to register with EFDA

From 2018 on, Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of Ethiopia started implementing the rules of appropriate bundling of different medical devices into a single registration request application. Bundling or grouping devices is a very important strategy to enable the assessors … Read More

EFDA's quick assessment and approval system for COVID-19 related medical devices

EFDA’s Interim Quick Assessment (IQA) system for Medical devices which are listed as ‘high priority devices’ due to COVID-19

The issue of CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) has now become beyond everything else. This is due to the disease's feature of easy spreading, no enough diagnosis, no known treatment, no enough Personal Preventive Equipment (PPE) across the world. This makes the … Read More

Medical Devices Regulation and their registration processes in Ethiopia is now getting clearer and easier than before. This article helps you know through step by step.

Regulation of Medical Device and its registration procedures in Ethiopia

selecting the project topic for engineering students

How to decide final year project topic – for Engineering Students

I have been asked a lot of questions on how to decide “new and innovative project or research topic” by so many Engineering students from different areas especially Biomedical Engineering personally and through inbox. Most of these questioners ask for … Read More