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Medicines and medical devices special import permit by Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority

Medicines and medical devices special import permit by Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority

This blog simplifies the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority's (EFDA) guideline on obtaining a special import permit for medical products. Ensuring Access to Critical Medical Products The healthcare system relies on a steady flow of vital medical products. But sometimes,...

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Identification of Borderline Medical devices from Medicinal products_Ethiopian FDA

Identification of Borderline medical devices from medicinal products.

The world of medical products can be complex, especially when it comes to borderline products that blur the lines between medical devices and medicinal products. This ambiguity can pose challenges for manufacturers and healthcare professionals alike. This article aims to...

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Low risk medical device registration in Ethiopia

Simplifying Medical Device Approval in Ethiopia: A Guide to Low-Risk Devices Registration

The Ethiopian market is seeing a rise in medical devices, and ensuring their safety and effectiveness is crucial. The Food and Medicine Administration Proclamation No. 1112/2019 plays a key role in this by requiring registration for all medical devices. But...

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